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Restaurant on the Corner

Casual American Diner
in Lake Placid, Florida

Logan's Restaurant on the Corner or Logan's of Lake Placid is a popular place to eat in Lake Placid, Fl. 

The property was formerly known as Chef Buddies and is located at 381 East Interlake Boulevard - it's the corner of Magnolia Ave and E Interlake Blvd. That's one reason we call it the "Restaurant on the Corner" but it's not the only reason. 

Logan's is a place for everyone - it's casual, convenient and down to earth.

Our belief is that food does not need to be complicated or "fussy."


We specialize in hearty, homecooked breakfast plates and popular lunch items like Philly sandwiches and 100% Pure Beef Burgers. Enjoy a cup of Strangely Warmed Coffee or an ice cold soda (as we refer to it in the South -  Depending on where you're from you may call it "Pop").  We offer a variety of deserts and ice cream as well! 


Logan's serves premium food, made fresh and cooked to order, not some canned or over processed stuff you might find at a buffet or a chain store. Want a gas station salad? That's on you, we don't judge but we'll be here ready to prepare your To-Go order or ready to serve you as you Dine In our restaurant. 


Pull up a chair and sit anywhere you like, enjoy a conversation with a old friend or a new acquaintance. Be sure to check our Daily Breakfast Special and our Daily Lunch Special - We keep 'em posted on our sign outside and in the dining room. Relax and check out the local newspaper while you are here and be sure to join our rewards program.

Thanks for visiting and reading about Logan's Restaurant on the Corner.

Stop in today and see what's fresh at Logan's!


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