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Espresso and Cookies

Coffee and Desserts with Logan's of Lake Placid

Logan's of Lake Placid is committed to providing our customers with delicious coffee made from high-quality beans that are ground fresh locally. Our beans are Certified Organic, Fair Trade and free of acid taste. To learn more about Strangely Warmed Coffee visit their site here

Aromatic and full of rich flavor, our beans are carefully selected from some of the best locations globally, resulting in the very best-tasting coffee in Lake Placid.


Whether you take your coffee black or as a latte, you can trust that our coffee products will never disappoint. 

Ready for a little something sweet to top off your meal? Don't miss our pastries, cookies, brownies, ice cream and other delights! Our deserts and treats change almost daily (yes, the owner may have a sweet tooth) and who orders a dessert to-go? So, we don't bother listing every delicacy on the will just have to take a look or ask...One thing you can always count on is our deserts are always as fresh as possible!


Check our pastry case or ask your server what's on the menu today!

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