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Dine In at Logan's Restaurant on the Corner

See what's new at Logan's and enjoy a relaxed dining experience. We have bar stool counter seating, tables, and booths to enjoy. When you step through the door you will probably hear one of our staff telling you to

"Sit anywhere you like." That's how we do it at Logan's...

Open Dining

"Sit anywhere you like" and visit with your neighbors. Logan's Restaurant on the Corner is a casual diner style restaurant perfect for catching up with the local town news...Want to know what's going on in the City of Murals? Visit us and sit for a spell...


Great Service

Support your local economy by putting a hard-working server and kitchen staff to work for you. We labor over the stove and do the dishes so you don't have to...


You can expect great service with a smile and good old fashioned Southern charm when you visit Logan's of Lake Placid - The Restaurant on the Corner.

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