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Lunch at Logan's of Lake Placid

Lunch with Logan's of Lake Placid

Logan's of Lake Placid FL - "The Restaurant on the Corner"  has got you covered for a quick bite during your lunch break or bringing in the whole family for a meal. Go to the order page and switch to "Lunch' to see our most popular choices like Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers every which way you can think of...from classics to our Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger...we have a taste for you. Don't forget our Hoagies, Cheesesteaks, Fried Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Grilled Cheeses and did I mention our Almost Famous Rueben...

...and don't forget  to check our Daily Lunch Special - we frequently offer special deals on whatever is fresh in the market and available for the right price. Often, these specials are not on our regular menu so you get a great deal and variety too!

Enjoy quesadillas, chicken finger baskets, 6 different Club Sandwiches cold and hot wraps and Chicken Sandwiches too! Are you getting hungry yet? What are you waiting for?!!?!? Logan's has all your favorites - call ahead and pick up or stop in and enjoy our Loop tv player and an ice cold Coke or Pepsi...

...That is, if'n you don't drink sweet tea! (wink)





Don't miss Logan's Lemonade!

We make all our food items with the best quality ingredients available, which you will notice as soon as you take your first bite! Call or order online to pick-up and go, or stop in and set awhile. Enjoy our dining area and maybe even have a conversation with a real person!

Have a special work dinner or lunch catering need? 

Contact us at Logan's of Lake Placid and we'll make your event a delicious experience!

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